(continued story) Wataru stretched his hand out towards his parents. "Father! Mother!" he screamed. "Help me, please!" But they didn't answer. Just then, he heard a scream. "Wataru! Help me!" It was Zui. "Zui!" Wataru shouted, searching frantically for her in the blackness. "Where are you?" Zui's voice echoed again through the air. "Wataru, please, save me!" He turned around and found Zui cowering on the floor, as the other Wataru laughed wickedly. Zui's pretty Glaucous blue eyes fixed on his face. They were full of terror. "Wataru....save me." she whimpered. "He can't save you." the other him mocked, flashing Wataru an evil grin. "He can't save anyone from me. He couldn't save that Chizuo chick. What makes you think he'd save his old love?" "Zui!" Wataru gasped, reaching out. Zui was gone; he was lying on his bed, in his room in Kimiko's lair. Wataru glanced around the room. Where was Zui? Then it struck him. It was just a nightmare. Zui wasn't here; she really was back in the Rock Village. He sat up in bed, sighing in relief. Inside he felt a sick prick of worry. Would that really happen? He rested his head in his hands. Zui... *ended*