(continued story) "Oh no!" Shizume cried as she dashed to save the food. "Oh, I ruined them!" she cried. Kamoki, her other cousin, halted dead still at the door. "YOU burned the eggs?!" he whined. "Noooo!" "Drama king." Malikai muttered as he walked past him. "Kamoki!" Keoshi scolded sharply. She turned to Shizume, excusing the food quickly. "Its alright, it’s not your fault. Kamoki can just eat cereal." "And give myself a sugar high? No way! I'll have some fruit." Kamoki replied. "You got a point, you're too hyper already." Malikai commented. Kamoki glared. "Hey, can I get some coffee please?" Malikai requested from the dining room. "Coffee! Right!" Shizume mumbled as she hurried to the coffee pitcher. She strode quickly up to Malikai, and he held out the mug. Shizume tilted the pitcher. Flashes of her father's dead body with her mother weeping over him returned to her. Her uncle Fusashi had fled home after he heard her mother's sobs. Her steady grip on the pitcher slipped and Malikai yelped in pain. "Ow! That burns!" Shizume clapped her hands to her mouth. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" "What's wrong, Shizume? You sick or something?" Malikai asked, using his napkin to sop up the coffee. Shizume bit her lip. She couldn't tell him what had happened today, it would only make her relive it all over again. Lucky for her, Keoshi came to her rescue. "Malikai, that's rude. She's just tired." she said. "Put your cape in the laundry, I can wash it later." Keoshi leaned over and whispered in Shizume's ear. "Don't worry about the mess, its nothing. Why don't you stop cooking and just do nothing for awhile?" "O--Okay." Shizume at last agreed. She just messed things up anyway. She saw Keoshi take Malikai aside into another room. She heard the two talking in quiet voices for a while. At the end of the conversation, Malikai's tone softened. "Oh...that was...today? I--I'm sorry, I didn't know. Is she going to be okay?" "I think she will be, but she just needs to take it easy." Keoshi answered. (to be continued)