Risashi Kamarge watched his younger twin brother stare at him expectantly. He had just seen Fusashi grab and kiss his girlfriend, Ryoko Watanabe, out of the blue without warning. Risashi had a feeling he did that only for show, and scowled. "Immature brat." he scoffed in a whisper, but it was loud enough for his brother to hear. Risashi could see Fusashi glowering at him; he looked about ready to pounce on him. Risashi didn't give a da**, Fusashi mattered little right now. He turned again to his girlfriend Sakura Yamada. "Ignore them." he commanded. Sakura stared curiously at Fusashi and her friend, who was blushing hard. Risashi wanted to get Sakura's mind off of them. He took her hand, and began speaking again to her. "I wanted to tell you Sakura, your eyes are beautiful." Sakura looked at him, then giggled at the compliment, and at his hand in hers. Risashi felt a foreign hot emotion come over him. His cheeks blazed. That comment sounded stupid, he knew it. Dang it, he should have tried something else. He made himself look like a**! "Um...thank you." Sakura flushed pink as she replied. Risashi caught a glimpse of her pink eyes, they didn't look angry, not at all. And man, they were so pretty. Risashi stopped walking, his hand still clutching Sakura's. "Risashi, what's the matter?" Sakura asked as she ceased with him. Risashi released his hand from her grip, and stepped in front of her. He took Sakura's hands into his, leaned forward and gently gave her a kiss. He pulled away and Sakura was blushing crimson. "Didn't like that?" he teased, playing with one of her long strips of pink hair. Sakura smiled shyly. Fusashi, seeing it all, stuck his tongue out childishly. Risashi wrapped his arm around Sakura's waist and they walked on down the path. *ended finally*