"I remember calling him that, vividly." Risashi smirked. "So now I torture him with it cause he hates it. You have nicknames for your friends too, right?" "Well, yeah..." she started but before she got far Risashi continued on. “Anyway, and I call the twerp the twerp cause that's what he is." Sakura shook her head a little. Okay, he didn't seem listen so well but it didn't mean he was a bad person. "You and your brother... you really aren't identical twins, are you?" she remarked. Risashi stared at her then turned. "Nope. We're fraternal. Identical wouldn't hate each other's guts and try to kill each other. And we have different hair, see? I have russet, he has green. And no, it’s not "dyed". I don't get why people here would use that term anyway." He shoved his hands into his pockets again, rocking back and forth, at a loss for words. "Okay... so how would someone get a job here?" he mumbled, turning to gaze at her. The wind, which had been unruly the whole late summer day, now picked with furious speed. It blew her pink-lavender hair in all directions, and Sakura cried out. "Oh, I just did my hair." she complained as she held back some stray pieces. "Pesky wind." Risashi's breath left him and he gazed like a boy struck dumb. Color rushed into his cheeks again as his overcome tongue poured forth, "Gosh, I lo--" but at the two letters he skidded to an abrupt, horrified stop. What the he** was he doing?! This girl was almost a complete stranger, and he was about to confess--- He shook his head violently. "R-Risashi?" Sakura questioned, becoming stark red. Oh my... was he--about to say he loved her?? She wanted to recoil. No...This was too fast. Risashi frantically corrected himself. "S-sorry, I misspoke! What I meant was---" he couldn't seem to think what else to say for an agonizing minute. "I never really heard you talk much; I guess I've been yakking too long. Sorry. You-You wanna talk awhile?" he offered. "I-I could." Sakura accepted, still red. She wondered, would he really be interested in her?