(continued story) Sakura lifted her clenched hands, uncertain for a moment what to do. Then she slipped her arms around his neck. The couple made out fervently for several minutes. Then, the sliding door of an adjoining room skidded backward, and there stood a shocked Mrs. Yamada. Risashi hurriedly ripped himself from Sakura. "Moons and Stars!" Mrs Yamada gasped, leaping back a little. "I'm going to die..." Risashi dreaded in his thoughts. Mrs. Yamada, an older version of Sakura, glowered down at them both as she pressed her hand over her heart. "Sakura...what is that Risashi boy doing here? In our home--with you alone?! Did you call him over here? Was this a plot?" she raged. Sakura cowered, her pink eyes rested fearfully on the floor. Her 16 year-old boyfriend waved his hands in defense, beginning to back away. "Hey, hey, it was nothing like that! I just came to deliver her paycheck, that's all. And now, I really need to go back home...see, Fusashi, my younger brother, is sick and needs me." he lied. Mrs. Yamada cocked her head and scowled, not believing him. "Its our twin telepathy, its never turned off, I know whenever he wants me... " With that, Risashi whirled around, threw aside the sliding door and ran out. (ended)