"That will be $15.25." Sakura Yamada told the young couple in front of the cashier desk she worked at. After the young man gave Sakura the money for their meal, he turned and kissed his girlfriend adoringly. Then they walked merrily out the restaurant door. Sakura smiled, drawing her hand to her heart. Kissing....that was something that should last for as long as it could. She recalled the first time her boyfriend Risashi kissed her, his lips meeting hers softly, lovingly, as he clasped her hands in his... Though that was last year, it could easily be yesterday in the vivid memories of hers. Sighing happily, her gaze found the object of her amorous thoughts, who stood taking orders from customers at tables. Risashi... Sakura stared adoringly at him, now raising her hand to her chin. She sighed. "I want to marry him..." she proclaimed dreamily aloud, not intending to, but the intense desire of her heart would not wish in silence. She wondered if Risashi did, or ever would feel the same for her. She dearly hoped so; Risashi was the only man she'd ever want to be married to. "W--WHAT?" a shocked, disturbed teenage boy's voice floated in her ear. Sakura's pink eyes widened in horror as she lifted her head to see Fusashi Kamarge, her boyfriend's twin brother. She clapped her hand over her open mouth, wanting to just sink into the ground. Oh gosh, he'd heard her! Fusashi continued to stare upon her, flinching. "M--Marry? My brother???" he stammered, still reeling from her remark. Suddenly, Ryoko, Sakura's best friend sailed over, to her relief. "Hey, Fusashi, your customers look like they need you, stop wasting time!" she warned lowly to the teenager. Fusashi bit his lip, glanced at Sakura, then jetted off to his tables. Sakura groaned softly, lifted a clenched fist to her forehead. Her heart was squeezed so tightly by fear it was likely to burst at any moment. Fusashi would tell Risashi everything she said! This was awful! (to be continued)