(continued story) "Sit down; you don't want break those beautiful feet of yours." Risashi chuckled slightly but was still serious. Sakura frowned tiredly. "I...don't think I can make it to the chair." she remarked. Risashi strolled up close to her and wrapped his arm around her lower back. "Just lean on me, I'll walk for you." he said as he helped her to the chair. Sakura had to constantly remind herself not to smile in rapture. She didn't need that chair as long as he touched her. Risashi set Sakura down in the seat, and on the other side of them, her best friend Ryoko was helped into a chair as well. As Sakura sagged in the stool her boyfriend grasped her hand, inspecting it closely. She colored, the blush bold and apparent, and gripped at the edge of her seat. "Wh--wha-" she stammered. "Even your fingers are worn down a frazzle." Risashi stated grinning impishly, seeing she was flustered by such contact. Then Risashi leaned down. "You don't need those shoes, they're just making it worse." he observed, slipping them off. "You don't have to do that, Fusashi." Sakura's comrade Ryoko insisted from her seat. Both Risashi and Sakura stared at them. "I'm doing it to make you feel better, you worked too hard." Fusashi defended, taking off Ryoko's footwear. Ryoko's eyes narrowed. "No. I told--" she stopped as he began massaging her fatigued feet. Fusashi gently rubbed up her feet, and Ryoko pursed her lips. "Pay attention to my soles, they're killing me." Ryoko commented, resting her head on the back of the chair. Fusashi took her commands, and Risashi rolled his eyes. Sakura rested a fist in her chin, pondering. Her feet ached too; a foot rub would be nice... She glanced at Risashi hopefully. He didn't even notice her gazes and just stared in repulsion at his twin brother. "Risashi..." Sakura ventured timidly. He looked down upon her. "Huh?" Suddenly her courage balked. She couldn't do it. She couldn't ask for him to message her feet, that sounded so silly and desperate! "N-Nothing." she dismissed... (to be cont