"We'll be back soon." Keoshi, Shizume Kamarge's cousin told them all. She and Malikai were leaving to a bounty hunting mission. Shizume smiled slightly and waved. "Be safe." she advised. Keoshi smiled back and Malikai prepared to step out the door. A man's hand came forward and grabbed the teen's coat. Malikai's father grasped tightly at his son. "Please, don't go. It’s not safe." Jurake pleaded. "Dad, we've done this before and we lived." Malikai said slowly, his voice sighing exasperatingly. Malikai still held a grudge against his father for abandoning him, but by now, he'd stopped openly showing it for fear of Keoshi's wrath. "No, you don't understand. I--It’s not the same." Jurake pursued, not releasing Malikai, he only held tighter. "I don't know how I can explain it, but I know that if you two go now, you'll never come back!" Shizume pressed her hand to her lips. H--how would he know that? Why couldn't or wouldn't he explain it? Ever since Malikai's father had discovered his son and Keoshi were bounty hunters, he'd been just as distrusting of it as she'd been when she first found out. Now, he more upset and desperate in some ways then she was. Keoshi stared upon Jurake softly, pityingly. "Jurake, we have to go. We're--We're almost out of money, we haven't worked for over a month." That was because they'd found Jurake about that time, and Keoshi had insisted they stay home for the time being to help him, so they hadn't worked. Jurake stopped, gazing at the two teens for a long moment. His face twisted with guilt. Shizume gazed at him, puzzled. What was wrong? Why did he look so guilty? Malikai wordlessly hurried Keoshi out the door, while Keoshi waved one last goodbye. "Bye. We'll be back soon." she called. Jurake stared agonizing after them, still obviously worried sick. Poor Jurake... Shizume pitied. Then the housework called to her, and Shizume was soon busy in the kitchen. But her pink eyes soon drifted to Malikai's father, who now sat on the couch, restlessly gazing out the window. (to be