Shizume Kamarge sighed as she sank deep into the water of the bathtub. Aunt Mazari, one of her parents' old friends, had convinced her she needed a hot soak in the bath. But the hot soothing water didn't make her the sorrow in her heart leave. Mom had died last year. Nothing would ever make her happy. Mom...why did you have to die? Not after Daddy died...and Uncle Fusashi and Aunt Ryoko. The thought of them all made her heart ache so bad tears filled her eyes. No! She couldn't cry! What if the Hashimoto's heard her? She couldn't worry them with her crying. Taking a shaky breath, Shizume reached for her head-phone set. She turned on the music, desperate for the tunes to chase away the pain. One of her favorite songs came on the radio, and Shizume immersed herself in it. The world around her was dead, and sound was faded. The door of the bathroom opened, but Shizume didn't hear it. Then a drawer slammed, and Shizume looked up. Her pink eyes widened. Masato was standing there, back turned. Masato..? He was back from school? And he was in the bathroom with her taking a bath? "M-Masato?!" Shizume stammered, blushing crimson. Masato jumped, whirling around. "Shizume?!" he yelped. Shizume dove under the water, shielding herself in embarrassment. "I--I'm sorry!" Masato stuttered, frantically leaping to the door but he tripped over his own feet, his face planting on the wooden door. Hurriedly, Masato raised himself, threw open the door and flew out of the bathroom. Shizume groaned, covering her eyes with her hand. She could hear Minato, Masato's little brother, through the door. "Hey Masato, what's wrong? Why are---oh crap!" Minato halted. "I forgot to tell you that Shizume was in the bath! Haha, you look so red!" "You little--you think that's funny?" Masato yelled and Shizume heard Minato crying out in pain as Masato pummeled him. Mitsuki, Masato's older sister's voice, sailed from down the hall. "’s just like old times. I missed you Masato!" "Mitsuki, help!" Minato pleaded. (to be contin