5 year old Shizume eagerly built sand castles in the playground with her friend, Masato Hashimoto. Her father watched them from a bench in the park. "Come on, Masato, let's build it as high as the sky!" Shizume called enthusiastically to her friend. Masato looked puzzled. "But you can't built anything as high as the sky, especially sand. That's illogical." Shizume pursed her lips. "Masato, you use that word alot." before Masato could answer her, a boy about their age walked up to them. They had never seen this boy before, but he seemed to know them, for he did not look shy. His cheerful face rested on Shizume. "You're pretty." he bubbled brightly. "Will you be my girlfriend?" Shizume stared, blush rising in her shocked face. Her friend Masato stepped in front of her. "No! She doesn't need a boyfriend, that's stuff for when you wanna get married." Masato jabbed a small finger at the boy. "Do you wanna get married now and have babies, young man?" The boy shook his head. "No, I'm only 5. I still wanna live with Mommy and Daddy." he said. Masato returned, "Then you leave girlfriends for later, bub." The little boy nodded, then looked one last time at Shizume. "I still think you're pretty." he complimented. Shizume was speechless as the boy went away. Masato scowled, hands resting at his sides. "Who are that boy's parents? They're not raising their son very well." he scolded. Shizume spun with thoughts. Boyfriends were for grownups, that's what Daddy said. He had told Shizume he didn't ever want her to have one. Suddenly, Daddy was behind her now, placing his hand on her lavender-pink hair . Shizume looked up at him, Daddy looked werid. His face was all scrunched up, like he was scared or sad. "Sweetheart, I--I think its time we went home now." her father said. He turned to Masato. "Masato, I'll drop you off at your parents, come on let's go." Then Shizume's father picked her up, holding her tightly in his arms as they walked out of the playground. Shizume stared up at him. "Daddy, what's wrong?" she asked. *ended*