"Lady Kimiko...." Kimiko Shourai's head of her guards trotted in; actually the man was literally running in, to her throne. The old woman rolled her eyes, sagging in her throne. She foresaw all the man was about to say. More nuisances about Haruki... The 21 one year old had lost his mind a month ago, on the mission to kill her pawn Keoshi Kamarge. Her other pawns had found her official assassin raving and ranting on the forest floor deep in the woods. Kimiko sighed in frustration. The fool was bound to crack soon; she had always sensed his unstable persona from the moment the boy had stepped into her hideout. The guilt and shame over murdering his lover had shattered his already broken mind. "That bast*** pawn of yours bit another one of the guards. Nearly killed him too." the head guard gritted his teeth, terror painted all over his face. Her entire system of pawns and guards feared Haruki; several times he'd attacked others who checked on him in his solitary confident cell. She'd had to restrain him in a straight-jacket. Kimiko soured. "Muzzle him." she ordered icily. "But make sure not to suffocate him while you're don’t it, I foresee your hatred." The old woman rose. "Let me clarify this for you, if you harm him YOU will be the next victim of that cell!" Kimiko thundered. Her prison protector cringed and hurriedly left to obey her commands. Kimiko dejectedly plopped into her chair once again. The Fates were working against her! Her best assassin goes mad right as she shapes a plan that would finally lead the demon chakra of the Yonbi directly to her, without herself having to lift a finger. But that plot would be much harder to complete without her finest killer. Kimiko searched the various threads of destiny with her foresight, for a possible way to mend the boy. The leader of the sentry cautiously pushed open the door to the solitary confident cell, several trembling sentinels taking cover behind him. "You men hold the dog down while I put the muzzle on him!" Their chief barked. (to be continued)