name--Ayame age--was 19 when she died personality--was verrry sweet, gentle, compassionate, loving, trusting of almost everyone, but consequently was naive to evil and danger. family--a father(dead) and a mother(dead) bio--Ayame lived with her parents in the Village Hidden in the Rain. Her parents were ninjas, but they didn't get killed on any missions. At 9 years old, when Ayame was at home relaxing with her family, a heavy rain came. Her home was in a low-lying area, and it wasn't long before the ground began flooding. Her parents got out of the home, and tried to swim to higher ground, but were tragically swept away in the flood and both drowned. Ayame survived because her parents put her on a broken door, and she floated to safety. After her family died, she lived with friends of her parents, from house to house, for the next 10 years. At 18, when she was out in town, some local drunks flirted with her, and quickly got unruly. They began harassing her, pulling her hair, causing her to scream. Then a teenage boy, Haruki, came out from an alleyway, to save her beating the drunks almost to death. Ayame stopped him from killing the thugs at the last, telling him that killing others was wrong, and they didn't deserve it. The teenager stopped, and Ayame started talking with her savior. She discovered he was a runaway from a small village outside the Rain. She pitied the homeless boy, and wanting to show him gratitude for him saving her, she offered him the chance to come live with her at the house she stayed in. The boy called Haruki was reluctant at first, but touched by her kindness, he finally agreed. The people Ayame lived with didn't like Haruki so much, (they didn't trust him because he had such a cold, moraless personality) but Ayame was unfailingly kind to Haruki. In time, under Ayame's gentle prodding, Haruki began to open up to Ayame, and told more about his past. Ayame was horrified to discover that Haruki was neglected, and brutally beaten by his mother..(to be continued)