(continued story) "I'm Minato Hashimoto... You--you mind digging me out?" Minato asked, blushing deeply. The girl smiled. It wasn't a mocking smirk, but a sweet smile. "I'm Aru." she introduced as she shoveled the snow off him. In a few minutes, he was halfway cleared of it, and then Minato wiggled his way out. Aru offered her hand as he did, and she helped him stand. "T--Thanks." Minato muttered, embarrassed she had to see him buried. "How did you fall down the hill?" Aru asked, cocking her head. "It’s not that hard to notice." Minato flushed darker, scowling. "I tripped okay!" Great, now she was mocking him! This sucked! But Aru smiled again. "I don't blame you." she remarked sympathetically. "I used to trip over it all the time when I was little." "Yeah..." Minato mumbled, dizzy. His temple still ached. "So...wh-what's your name?" Aru's mouth twitched, her eyes were awash in confusion. "I already told you, it’s Aru." She stared at him oddly. "Oh...you did..? Sorry, I think I hit my head." he chuckled slightly. "My dad's probably gonna examine me later. I probably have a mild concussion that's giving me a little memory loss. My mom's gonna worry about that." Aru laughed a little with him. Minato blinked, looking around. "Hey, do you know your way around here, Aru?" Aru grinned brightly. "Of course, I live here." "Do you know where the inn is? I don't think I'd find anything ever again." "Sure. Want me to show you?" she offered. "Yes, please." Minato exhaled, relieved. Dad was likely worried sick right now. Aru smiled and started walking east. "Come on!" she called. Minato followed, trembling from cold. "Dang, my butt's freezing!" he griped in his head. Aru bit her lip and kept walking, which Minato didn't notice. He followed her, his green eyes drifting to the ground shyly. "Um...thanks for this, Aru." "You're welcome." Aru responded warmly as they approached the inn. Out from the door came an anxious faced middle-aged man with Falu Red hair, similar to Minato's, and the same dark green eyes. (to be con