"Dang it, Michiko! Where the heck are you?" the 13 year old Malikai griped in his head. He shouldn't have allowed her to go alone to play. Not with it about to rain. Grandma had become worried and to save her the anxiety, Malikai offered to look for her. And when he found her, Michiko was gonna get the worst older brother scolding she ever had. Malikai kept his heart focused on his anger, ignoring the ripples of foreboding. After all, Michiko was just being a little brat, worrying their grandmother, and soon he would find her playing and drag her home. The green edge of the forest appeared ahead in Malikai's sight. Michiko often liked to explore the forest, because their mother and father often had been there together as children. He ran swiftly into it, for rainclouds ominously builded in the sky. Trotting through it, Malikai yelled loudly. "Michiko! Where are you? Come on, we need to get out of here! Grandma's worried sick about you! If you're there, and I know you are, answer me!" He raced around, not seeing his 8 year old sister anywhere. Suddenly, he passed some trees and into a clearing, and saw a body lying on the ground. Purple hair and purpley girl clothes... Malikai panted forward. "Michiko! What are---" He stopped cold. Michiko was drenched in bright gushing blood. It pooled around her middle, from a horrible hole that looked like it came from a gun. "M--Michiko!!" Malikai screamed, rushing to her side. He slipped shaking arms around her. "Michiko, w--what happened?!" Michiko gazed up at him, her blue eyes wavering with tears. "M----Malik-ai...." she mumbled, her hand lifting. Her fingers reached for Malikai's cheek, but halted. Michiko's hand slowly fell, brushing against Malikai's neck. A hazy image flashed across Malikai's vision. Who was that? Did this person attack her? Then Malikai felt his sister's body go limp in his arms. He looked down at her, seeing her powder blue eyes fade into pools of black. "Michiko...?" Malikai stammered. No....she did not just die. Come on Michiko, wake up! (to be c