(continued story) "The whimpering Armesha brat killed him, avenging his father but I'm the one truly set to gain in the end... And their deaths will set an example to all my other pawns that no one double-crosses me." Orochimaru finished with so much icy venom that Malikai wanted to tremble. Hitoshi frenziedly grasped Malikai's coat, shaking it. It told how anxiously Hitoshi wanted to get out of there. And suddenly, Malikai was anxious to leave as well. Hitoshi crawled furiously backward towards their room, and after a moment, Malikai was close behind him. He didn't stop to think or feel, just moved. Hitoshi was back at the entrance to their room faster then Malikai, and jumped down onto the floor. Malikai did the same, leaving the detached cover on the cot. That didn't matter! They had to get out of there! In case Orochimaru's gaurds came to plant those microchips inside them! Hitoshi must've thought the same, cause he fled out the door and didn't stop running.... Malikai, and Hitoshi sat, perched in the trees. "I told you, didn't I?" Malikai spoke up. "They weren't just gonna believe us. If I hadn't been suspicious we would've---" he halted, too consumed with anger to continue. "It’s all my fault..." Hitoshi murmured slowly. "It was all a trap, and I fell for it like a da** ass. I put both of us in danger, and it was all their plan!!" Hitoshi pounded the tree with an enraged fist. "I didn't even know we were being tricked! That was all set up! I'm such a bast***! I got revenge for Dad, but it was only because they wanted me to!" he slumped. "You're not the only one at fault, I'm just as much of an a**hole as you. If you hadn't heard, they would've used my sister's killer. I would've been the person losing control." "Malikai, what're we going to do?" Hitoshi asked, fear splashed all over his face. "We can't be here anymore! They're gonna insert microchips in our brains and kill us!" Malikai listened then memories of his little sister's words to him in the dream or whatever it was, came back. "Run."