Malikai Arakawa felt his whole body aching all over. He moaned in agony from the pain the gunshot wounds inflicted on him. His mind floated to the surface from the dizzy, hazy dream it had fallen into. Da**, everything hurt... What happened...? The smooth, cool feeling of a silk bed sheet was under his body, his fingertips gripped at it. He was...on a bed? He vaguely recalled passing out after being shot by that assassin tracking him, he hadn't been in bed then. He'd been taken somewhere. Did his grandmother find him? He had been on the way to her home, with Hitoshi... Hitoshi! Where was his partner and friend? He'd make a huge da** fuss over his injuries, as usual. Suddenly, a female voice hovered in his ears, as did a younger boyish voice. "Keoshi...did he just...?" "Shhh! Kamoki, don't talk." Malikai's eyes flew open. A teenage girl was staring down at him. Long green hair was framing her beautiful face. For a moment, he considered she might be an angel. She smiled down at him. "Hey, can you hear me?" "Are--are you my...cousin?" the words tumbled out of Malikai's mouth. The girl's face twisted with puzzlement. "W--what? No, I'm not your cousin. I've never met you before. My name is Keoshi Kamarge." "O-Oh." Malikai mumbled. "I...I thought you were. She had... weird hair too." He shook his head mentally. She was that girl who had saved him before, from the assassin. He searched the room. No Hitoshi... Now he recalled it all. He'd left him behind, because an army of assassins were pursuing them. Hitoshi begged Malikai to keep running while he led away the hunters. Malikai had never seen him again and despite Hitoshi's brave efforts; half of the assassins trailing them had tracked Malikai. He'd been able to shoot and kill 3 of the 4, but the last man was much stronger then Malikai had anticipated. Sh**, if he'd almost been killed, then Hitoshi... No, he couldn't think of his partner then. It would make him sick. Groaning, he lifted himself up, into a sitting position. He set his golden eyes on his rescuers.