name-Jurake Arakawa current age- 34-36 family--a mother(dead) a father(alive) a son(alive,) a daughter(dead) and a wife(dead) personality-- sweet, calm, perceptive, caring, very polite, almost to a fault. Self-sacrificing, to a fatal fault. He'd die for anyone he loved. And he cares so much about other people, he often ignores his own feelings. Also was sad, self-blaming, and suicidal. occupation--former assassin to the Cloud Village, a drunk(?) clan--Arakawa, a clan that has the power to see into the future and past. powers-- he can see into the future, and prevent death if he acts quickly. Also has a glove that has strong metal strings coming from it that can slice through anything(like Jenos from Black Cat^^). bio-- Jurake grew up in the Cloud Village raised by his mother. Jurake never knew his father, and his mother would not mention him very much. Jurake later found his father abandoned his mother when Jurake was born. Jurake spent most of his childhood caring for his mother, who was sick with a terminal disease that slowly was killing her. At 8 years old, he saw Mayako Suzuki, (Malikai's mother) in a park playing, and fell in love with her at first sight. He told his mother he was going to marry her ^^. Jurake watched Mayako from afar until finally getting the courage at 9 to ask her on a date. Mayako didn't accept, and said they were too young for that. Jurake promised that when he turned 13, he would take her on a date then. A few weeks before his 13 birthday however, his mother's illness took its toll on her and she died. Jurake was devestated, and almost didn't go on his date as planned. But having promised his mother he would go, who wanted her son to be happy and have fun for once, Jurake worked his courage and went. Mayako was NOT expecting Jurake to come, she thought he would've forgotten his promise by then, but Jurake did come so Mayako agreed to go on their date to be polite. The date was a disaster because Jurake lost the money that was to pay for their meals. *to be continued*