(continued story) "This village should support their own ninjas, why haven't you taken it up with them you're hungry?" Karina pursued. "They ration food for their ninja when they're running low on it." Tadashi stated, simply. Karina was pierced with a dagger of horror and shock. "R--Ration food? They--they DENY you food just for their...convenience?!" She gasped, her hand to her heart, her face draining of all color. Tadashi flinched, leaning backward into the couch. "W-Why are you so upset? Is your father a ninja or something?" he stammered warily. Karina didn't even answer him she was still struggling with the horrible concept he'd just revealed to her. "They treat their own ninja like slaves...and then they cut off food supply for them when they wish? Only monsters could enact such an act... What are they?!" Her shaking hands were at her face, then her blue eyes boiled with fury. "Those heartless thugs!!" she shouted, stamping her foot and pacing around. "This is why I hate villages with ninja! They treat them like garbage and then use them to destroy the lives of countless people! Father was right; it’s just a vicious cycle! I hate those elders and ninja's! They're an awful existence!" "So, then you hate me?" Tadashi questioned, pretend hurt painted on his expression. "But...I thought we had something." he sniffed. Karina twitched, completely frozen for a long moment. What the...? Was he trying to start something with her? Quick as a flash the weird, flirtatious streak was gone and he was now laughing at her. She grabbed up her butcher knife and directed its edge at the chuckling ninja. "Don't ever laugh at me." She ordered blackly, her body in flames. Tadashi instantly ceased, terrified. Karina huffed and stalked up to him. "Stand up." she commanded, setting the knife down. Tadashi whitened. "What're...you going to do?" She smirked. "I'm not gonna stab you if that's what you're thinking." she placed one of her palms on his stomach and the other on his back. She bit her lip when feeling how thin he was.