"Hey, Sakura, I need your help." Ryoko Watanabe requested as she spoke into the telephone. She was standing in the break room of the restaurant she worked at, calling her best friend Sakura Yamada. "I've been trying to train the boys, but it’s been exhausting! They've been arguing half the time and they don't seem to get it that they're doing badly!" Ryoko was fearful. She had gotten the twin brothers, Fusashi and Risashi Kamarge, a job at her restaurant as waiters. But from the first day, they did terrible! They didn't serve the customers well; their boss had warned Ryoko that if they didn't shape up, they'd be fired! She couldn't just let the guys be fired; they couldn't get another job, especially one that paid this well! And it wasn't entirely their fault; they'd never been in a restaurant in their lives. They'd never known waiters existed before, so they didn't know how to act. Ryoko had vowed to train the brothers and transform them into the best, but so far it was a failure. That's why she was desperately recruiting Sakura, thinking another girl would help to get the serious message across. Sakura answered back on the other line uncertainly. "Okay...but how can I help?" "You can help me with Risashi, you'll get his attention. He likes you, if you come, you can help train him, while I train Fusashi. Please come!" "A--alright." Sakura responded, squeaky and shy. Sakura had a deep crush on Risashi, Ryoko supposed the very thought of being near him made her blush. "Okay, come over right away. I'll see you soon." Ryoko parted, hanging up the phone. An hour and a half later, Sakura came walking through the door. Ryoko rushed to meet her. "Great! I'm glad you're here." Ryoko remarked happily. She was struck instantly by Sakura's attire. Her close companion wore a stylish Puce dress that swished around her knees. There was also a dusting of blush and eye shadow on her face; she had thrown make-up on as well. "Wow, Sakura-Chan you look dazzling." Ryoko gushed. "But you really had no need to dress up...."