"I thought Mazari was going to meet us here..." Ryoko Watanabe puzzled to her best friend Sakura Yamada. The three friends had agreed to meet at the restaurant but their friend Mazari Takeda hadn't arrived yet, and now they couldn't decide whether to order their food or not. "If she wasn't coming, I think she would've told us." Sakura answered. "Yeah, I would think." Ryoko replied. Mazari was very prompt and practical. And yet Mazari was running late. "Hello, girls." Mazari greeted as she slipped under the cloth sign. Ryoko smiled ruefully as she noticed Mazari heaving a tower of books in her arms onto the table. "You even bring books to a day on the town?" Ryoko giggled. Sakura tried to hide her giggling behind her hand. "I am going to be a doctor; I have to keep studying the human body to fullest extent." Mazari explained, unashamed by the teasing. "By the way, I need to tell you something..." Mazari began. "Hey there you are bookworm!" a teenage voice called just inside the shop. Curious, Ryoko turned around. There stood three young teenage boys, two who looked to be identical twins. She'd never seen them before, and she knew nearly all guys in town. Where did they come from? "So you took my offer, I see." Mazari commented, staring at the three. Ryoko and Sakura stared at Mazari in wonderment. "Mazari! I didn't know you had boyfriends!" Ryoko teased. Mazari frowned in disgust. "No I do not. They're just some homeless boys that I met. They wanted food, but couldn't pay for it. I offered to pay for their meals here." Mazari explained. "We are NOT homeless." one of the twins, with russet colored hair, snapped. "Does the fact that we don't have a home, but are looking for one make us homeless?" The other twin with strange green hair asked. Green hair? What a weird hair color. The russet haired twin glared at his brother. "Shut up!" he hissed. Ryoko was fascinated by the sight of them. "Hey, are you guys’ twins?" she asked, the fascination showing on her face. The two boys looked startled by her attention.