Fusashi and Risashi Kamarge strolled down the road that led away from the Moon village. Their girlfriends, Ryoko and Sakura, walked beside them. Risashi and Sakura were ahead of the other two, engaged in their own conversation together. Fusashi Kamarge glared furiously at his brother the entire time, thinking silent insults about his twin. Risashi Kamarge, his brother, had fallen in love with that Sakura girl shortly after they arrived in the Moon Village. It made Fusashi furious. When did Risashi EVER like girls? It was disgusting! Risashi disgusted him. He hardly gave any attention to his "girlfriend" Ryoko, who was trying to talking to him. Ryoko was only a tool of revenge he'd chosen against his brother for liking Sakura. She was just the item chosen to help upstage his pompous sibling and make Risashi look like the moron that he was! Risashi however, did not notice his glowers, only flirtatiously touching Sakura's shoulder. Fusashi watched them suspiciously. Risashi Kamarge leaned towards Sakura's face. Fusashi gazed shockingly at them. Crap, he was going to kiss her! Fusashi's insides blazed, no way was he going to let his brother get that kiss first! Turning quickly towards Ryoko, he grabbed her. "Fusashi, what are you--" her words were stopped as he kissed her. Something weird happened in Fusashi as kissed Ryoko, he felt new emotions. He felt like he wanted to stay in this moment forever. He sat for a long moment in the kiss before realizing what he was doing. Quickly, he pulled apart from Ryoko and looked at his brother, expecting to see him scowling. Risashi only stared at him, anger not on his face as Fusashi imagined. Fusashi was stunned, why wasn't Risashi mad? He got the first kiss instead of Risashi, he had beaten him! Ryoko was scarlet in the face, eyes darting between Fusashi and her friend Sakura. Fusashi waited for Risashi to say something.... (this story is ended, if you want to read shizume's parents part, its in shizume's family album on HER parents first kiss)