(continued story) It felt so odd to have someone taking photo's of her again, back when her parents were alive she was the center of their attention alot, but that was so long ago. She smiled shyly, crookedly. "Okay...but it might turn out horrible." Keoshi warned her sister. Kyoko dug into her bag for the camera, and directed its lens at her older sister. "No, it won't! You look too dazzling for it to be bad!" Kyoko gushed. Keoshi snorted softly. Kyoko was so much like Mom, their mother had always been so optimistic and she'd fussed over Keoshi's "beauty" when she was alive. "Use the beach as the background, Keoshi! It'll look so perfect!" Kyoko waved her into the scenery like a professional photographer. Keoshi moved as her sibling commanded. "Come on, pose!" Kyoko pleaded as she prepared to snap it. Keoshi leaned down, touching her knees with her palms and gave her best smile, emptying her mind of all things that happened as the camera CLINKED! (ended)