(continued story) Kyoko's feet were shaken by the current until she lost footing, causing her to panic. "Help, I'm drowning!" she cried, onto her brother Kamoki's legs. But instead she gripped the rims of his swim trunks and as she sunk down into the water, down went Kamoki's trunks. Kamoki shouted and frantically grabbed at his falling shorts. "Hey, hey!! Kyoko, just stand up! You can stand up!" Thankfully Kamoki's waistline was in the water mostly, to all the girls' relief. But still Kamoki burned with shame and embarrassment. Keoshi chuckled, shaking her head at her funny brother and sister as she turned herself to her tanning once again. Even with all the sun and sand and frolic around her, Keoshi's mind couldn't help but fall on dark subjects by itself. Mom and Dad... how could she live with the knowledge Kimiko had killed them? How could she survive knowing that evil witch spread that disease all to take away her parents cause they were in the way of Shizume's demon chakra? The disease had also killed her grandma, and Kikyo and Takaya, Masato's younger brother and sister. All of them, were the sacrifices for Kimiko's sick game? The ache of the truth was a dull, throbbing pain now, much like the pain of Mom's and Dad's deaths were. But could she really be okay moving on with her life with all this horrible enlightenment? Aunt Mazari and Uncle Kamajii, who had been told by Ryoma, Malikai's grandfather about Kimiko's awful involvement in the disease, had been crushed and devastated. But lately, they both had begun to seem more peaceful, though Uncle Kamajii had a more difficult time accepting the truth. Shizume, her cousin, had felt so horribly guilty, believing she was somehow at fault for she had the demon chakra in her. Keoshi could tell she still struggled with it. It would've been better if they all had never known this, Keoshi and her family could've gone the rest of their life in peace without it! Keoshi sighed. She needed to stop thinking about this; it was ruining her vacation and relaxation.