"So, this is where your mother is buried?" Keoshi Kamarge looked from the cemetery to her partner and friend, Malikai Arakawa. They had just finished up a bounty hunting mission in the Cloud Village, and were on their way home, when they passed the village's cemetery. Malikai nodded in response. "Yeah. Michiko is too." his golden eyes darkened with sadness. He shook his head as if to shake it off. "And my other grandmother is here too, I never met her." "Your other grandmother?" Keoshi repeated. "My dad's mom." Malikai told her, his mouth snarled, as if his father's very name poisoned his lips. Keoshi flinched inside. It disturbed her how enraged Malikai was over his father. Maybe if she changed the subject, he'd calm down. She stepped into the cemetery grounds. "Malikai, can you show where your mother is? I want to see her." Malikai glanced and started leading the way. "She's this way." They filed past hundreds of tombstones; Keoshi wondered just how many people were buried here. Suddenly, Malikai stopped abruptly, causing Keoshi to halt. "What is it?" she questioned, then spotted something curious. At a gravestone a few feet in front of them, there sat a middle aged man. Strange, Keoshi had never seen a person sit at a grave before, it seemed a little inappropriate. Then the man held up a glass bottle to his lips and drank. The sickly sweet scent of beer flooded Keoshi's nostrils. "That's...my...mother's grave." Malikai said aloud, surprised and golden eyes wide. Keoshi glanced at him. His mother's grave? Who could be sitting at his mother's grave? Malikai continued staring at the dude, mouth open. "No..." he muttered. "What?" Keoshi asked. Malikai clenched his fits, stomping over to stranger. Stopping in front of the man, he glared down at him. "You...!" He growled. The strange man looked up. "What the he** are you doing here?" Malikai snapped. Keoshi hurried over, wanting to see them both close up. "Malikai?" she gasped. Who was this man? How did Malikai seem to know him? "Do...I..know you?""