(continued story) Keoshi flinched at the aura of resentment flowing off Malikai. It frightened her. Why hadn't she seen that side of Malikai before? She'd thought she'd known all of Malikai's secrets. All the sudden, Keoshi heard a faint voice crack from the floor below her. "Wh--Where am I? H-How did I get here?" Malikai's father was grasping the bottom of the toilet and managed to sit up, glancing around at the house he found himself in. Keoshi hurried to the bathroom doorway, kneeling down again close in front of him. "Hi, Mr. Arakawa? My name is Keoshi Kamarge; I live with your son, Malikai. What's your name?" The man's powder blue eyes rested on her. "My name? I--Its...Jurake." "Jurake." Keoshi said, "We found you in the graveyard and brought you home, cause you were passing out." "With...my son? Y--you're wrong....my son's only a...kid." Keoshi shook her head softly. "No, Mr. Arakawa, you've been gone for 8 years. Malikai's 16 now. I and my family live with him." "8 years?" he repeated, shocked. "That...long?" Just then, Keoshi's sister, Kyoko, peered around the edge of the doorframe. Malikai's dad saw her, and he stretched his hand out. "M--Michiko?" "Eep!" Kyoko yelped, and leapt behind Kamoki. "Michiko's not here, old man." Malikai sneered as he appeared behind Keoshi. Oh, great, Malikai had to open his mouth again. Malikai's father stared at him, recognition flooded his eyes. "Malikai? You've grown so much..." Malikai didn't seem to listen, in fact only grew angrier. "Michiko's dead, old man." he stated bluntly. "She died after you left, when I was 13. And you wanna know how?" Malikai clenched his teeth furiously. "She was murdered, Dad! She died in my arms, with blood all over her!" Jurake placed his hand on his forehead, appearing in pain. "Malikai, stop it! He doesn't need this right now!" Keoshi scolded. She held her hand to Jurake. "Here, let me help you up." she offered kindly. Jurake took her arm, but started to fall into the circle of her arms. "Oh no!" Keoshi gasped, as she caught him. (ended)