Black and white...there was nothing but colorless scenery everywhere. She wandered aimlessly through the field of flowers, scrunching them underfoot. The flowers underneath her, the trees, the grass, all was black and white and silent. Where was she? Why couldn't she get out of here....? Malikai Arakawa gently pushed the door to extra room in the Hashimoto's home that the husband and wife doctors kept for patients that visited them. Keoshi Kamarge, the love of his life, lay motionless on the hospital bed, hooked up to artificial respirators to help her breath. For she'd been in a deep coma for over 2 weeks with no signs of waking soon, everyone, though they never said so, feared she wouldn't make it. Malikai stared at Keoshi. "Hey." he greeted unsteadily, then bit his lip. A crushing tidal wave of sorrow slammed against him. He drew a deep breath and closed the door behind him, pulling up a chair and sinking to Keoshi's side. He found her right hand and grasped it, lifting it up to his cheek. "I--I miss you..." he whispered, his voice still shaky. The machines whirled in response and Keoshi only breathed, never even twitching. "Y--You know, you were the one who got me on the right path after I escaped from Orochimaru." Malikai started again, struggling to rein in his voice. "If-if I hadn't met you, I probably would've just gotten myself killed, and my Grandma and uncles too, cause that assassin would've followed me to my village. You were my savior, literally and l--life-change wise." his mouth trembled. "I-don't to die. There are so many things I haven't--I haven't gotten to tell you and say." He leaned close to her face. "Keoshi I...I love you." he paused. "I've loved for a long time but I didn't have the courage. And I waited so long that now...I'm telling you and you can't even hear me..." The tears spilled over then, and a few sobs choked out his throat. Malikai clung to Keoshi's hand and sobbed, his tears dripping onto her brown skin. Keoshi swam through the endless sea of flowers. (to be contin