(continued) Malikai assumed Keoshi was dead to most emotions that demanded much of you, and for a long time she tried to be. Disconnecting from feelings caused the sharp, bitter pain of her parents’ deaths to fade away but then... she had found her brother, Kamoki, was alive. Her pestering, irritating, sweet little brother, who had died along with Mom and Dad. Though, who she truly wanted to resurrect to life were her mother and father, Kamoki had brought new life to her long-dead soul. After she had given up all hope on bringing back her lost family, he was a small beam of light. With his innocent, sweet, easily frightened nature, how could she retain her icy, guarded persona? She couldn't, that was the answer to Malikai's shock. Besides, Keoshi had realized feeling SOMETHING again was better then feeling nothing as she had before. Meanwhile, Malikai wiped away his shock and asked of her fears. "Bounty hunting is really bothering you, isn't it? You act like your uncle's death ripped your family apart." he remarked, eyebrow raised. Keoshi suddenly frowned, her tender countenance freezing over. "It DID." she answered, her tone growing cold and short. "It ripped my dad apart." Malikai was silent, abashed. Keoshi continued. "My uncle and he were twins but not identical, they were fraternal. They still looked alot like though. But even being fraternal, they were still close because after my uncle died, my father was never the same. He wasn't able to speak my uncle's name. Worse, he--he was with my uncle the day he was killed; my uncle had asked my dad to come with him to help catch a criminal who was pretty dangerous. Uncle Risashi was worried he might not be able to handle it alone. Dad made him promise that if things got bad, when it started to look too dangerous for them both, they would flee." she took a deep breath, trying to steady herself. "But that man had inhuman speed, he could be gone in a flash and you weren't given much time to figure out what was going on. That's why he was so deadly..."