"Man, Keoshi, these are heavy..." Kamoki Kamarge grumbled to his sister. Keoshi Kamarge and her younger brother had just come from the grocery store, and were now going home. "Home" was more of a two-room apartment that Keoshi managed to scrounge up the money to get into. "Kamoki, you know half of the weight you're carrying is books that you bought." "Hey, I'm bored." Kamoki retorted, "I need SOMETHING to keep me busy." "Oh. Sorry being with me is so boring..." Keoshi huffed. Kamoki frowned guiltily. "Keoshi, I didn't mean that..." "I know you didn't." Keoshi replied, more softly. "It’s okay." Keoshi and Kamoki were quiet for little while. Keoshi stared down at the packages in her arms and Kamoki's. They had really decked out in food. "We must've spent all our money today." she muttered. "And that was all the money that we earned for the last few days." Keoshi was worried. She and Kamoki were alone, without any parents and friends to help them. How could they live like this, scraping money working odd jobs, much longer? A popping sound, like a firecracker, broke through the wind in front of them. Keoshi stopped abruptly. She knew that sound well from working for Kimiko. That was a gunshot. "What's that?" Kamoki asked, hearing the strange sound too. Then they heard more. Rustling came from up ahead, traveling through the trees, followed by another gunshot. A boyish voice cried out sharply. Keoshi felt for her knife in her skirt. "Kamoki, don't move. Stay here!" she hissed. Swiftly, she laid down her shopping bag and inched cautiously forward. She paused behind a tree, listening. Suddenly, a body pounded against the tree trunk, startling her. Keoshi peered around the tree, and a black cloaked man stood sneering, a gleaming handgun in his grip. "Can't run anymore, can you, bast***?" he laughed. "You thought you could leave Orochimaru that easily?" The man laughed down at a purple haired teenage boy. (to be continued)