The teenager's jade eyes roamed cautiously around the landscape. She had to be ready for anything. Keoshi Kamarge glanced at her bounty hunting partner, Malikai Arakawa. She wordlessly communicated questions to him through her eyes, he answered back the same. She and Malikai were tracking down another criminal at his hideout. This one was rumored to be exceptionally well at running from the law. Malikai foresaw into the future, wanting know where the felon was hiding, and if he should jump out at them. Now that Malikai had found out he was a psychic from his long lost father, who was now living with them, it made their job so much safer and easier. That was good, because Keoshi's family had never approved of her becoming a bounty hunter, and at this moment, still worried about her. "Come out already, Akiyama!" Malikai called out. "We know they're in that bush. I don't want a struggle, if you surrender now, we can go easier on you." "I don't believe it." A dark, grim voice echoed. Suddenly the man they sought stepped out of the shadows. Malikai and Keoshi both pointed their guns. "You two are just a couple of kids, not even out of school yet. And they sent you after me." the man smiled nastily. "That's unlucky. Cause I don't plan on being taken anywhere." Malikai sucked in a breath as the guy reached towards his jacket. He was gone in a flash, reappearing behind the criminal, ready to fire upon him. But the felon guessed Malikai's action and leapt upward, somersaulting away from the barrel. Keoshi rushed forward, revolver drawn on the offender. The two teens cornered the suspect, geared to take him down. The adult man's gaze was wild and hatred-filled as he stared between the bounty hunters. "Da** you! I'm not going anywhere!" he growled. All of the sudden, two squeaky, young voices echoed through the forest. "Kotoko, come on! You gotta go faster then that to tag me!" a brother's tone teased. "But you're far ahead of me!" a little girl complained. "I can't keep up!" Malikai cursed. There were kids in the area!