He was shot protecting malikai. He can see into the future and he saw malikais death. Malikai and Keoshi are bounty hunters and they were tracking down a wanted murderer, but little did they know he was stronger then he appeared. He overwhelemed them quickly with his powerful chakura. He was about to kill malikai with gun when malikais father jumped in front of him, and was mortally wounded. Malikai: *Gasps* Keoshi runs to his father. Keoshi: Mr. Arwakawa! Jurake Arwakawa: *coughs and gags* *falls* Villian: Where did you come from? I thought I had two bounty hunters after me. Keoishi: *dashes to his side* Mr. Arwakawa! *blood is rushing from Jurake's chest and mouth* *Keoishi touches his wounds* Keoishi thinking: His wounds look bad....really bad. *her hand shakes* Mr. Arakawa: Looks like....you kids can't handle this like you thought. I'll finish it for you. *he wobbly stands* *reaches into his pocket and reveals a glove* *slides it onto his palm* Malikai: What the heak are going to do with that glove, old man? Slap him with it? Mr. Arakawa: Don't underestimate me, son. I'm not a weakling. *Villain laughs* you think you have the strength to defeat me, old timer? Come on, that's not fair for you. *Jurake flings his arm, villian suddenly freezes* Villian: What's going on!? *looks franticly at his body* I can't move! But I can't see why! Jurake Arakawa: And you won't move. These invisible strings attached to this glove are bound around your body. My chakera is intertwined into them, giving them strength beyond human capability. You will never move so long as they are there. Villian straining: But...But that jutsu was only mastered.....by one nina. Jurakee: You mean Jurake Arakawa? Yes, I've heard of him. *quickly pulls back gloved hand* *wounds suddenly open in murderer's shoulders with blood gushing* Villian: Aah! Jurake: I intend to defeat you here. The kids tell me you are their ticket for cash, so I can't kill you. But I will make sure you cannot lift a finger to fight. *villian begins shaking and slumping* Jurake: I've severed major nerves in your shoulders, with them taken out, you can't hope to fight. You're finished. *Man's eyes close and he begins falling forward* *Jurake relaxes his fist* *Villian falls onto the ground* *Jurake stands, panting* Jurake: He's.... incapastitated. You two should have....no trouble now. *Coughs* *blood drips down his mouth* Maliaki: Dad..... Keoishi: Mr. Arakawa! *Jurake falls* *Keoishi rushes to him* Mr. Arakawa! *lifts him up* * Jurake breathes shallowly* *Keoishi turns to Malikai* Keoish: Malikai! Take our traget to the station, I'll take your father to the hospital.