(continued story) What...was happening to him? His vision flickered, his heart twisted with fear. Was he dying? No, he couldn't be! Jurake pounded down the hallway, shouting to Minato. Keoshi was just behind him. Keoshi flew over to his side, her alarmed his face crying out to him. Her words were muffled, cloudy. Why couldn't he hear anything? "Kamoki! What's wrong? Did he get hurt?" Keoshi asked, whirling around to look at Minato. Before Minato answered, someone else did. "You fool…" Kimiko chuckled scathingly as she lay slumped against her throne. "Did you honestly think the boy's resurrection came painless and simple? You can never bring...back the dead without a sacrifice!" she choked and coughed, so did Kamoki. "What did you do to him?" Keoshi demanded, fear marring her face. "I would've told you before, had you not been so anxious to kill me..." Kimiko smirked. "When I brought him back, I had to bond his life to a living thing in order to keep him tied to this world, otherwise, he'd slip back into the afterlife...and he was part of my plan. I needed him..." she heaved up another wave of blood, it flooded over her mouth in a grisly manner. But Kimiko continued revealing everything. "I bound his life to my own; we share a life force, living off the other constantly. It can extend our lives, but it weakens us as well....if one is wounded, the other will receive equal injuries. And if one dies..." Keoshi held her shivering hands over her mouth. Kimiko laughed wickedly. "You stupid girl.... Did you truly think...I would have allowed you...to escape with him and live a normal, happy life? There ARE no happy endings." she focused her merciless black irises on the unhappy teenage girl. "Isn't it sad? You avenged your parents...but--you..murdered your brother." She smiled spitefully to Keoshi's shocked tear-filled eyes. Kimiko then chuckled long and loud, her awful laughs piercing them all. "Shut the he** up!!" Malikai screamed at the evil old hag, pressing the trigger of his gun. Kimiko's laughter ceased.