(continued story) Kamoki ignored Fujita's protests as he shoved through the window and she dropped like a rock to the ground. "Sorry, but you needed to go!" Kamoki called down to her. He then locked the window to prevent the girl from coming back in. "What the heck? Kamoki, who was that?" Minato called from across from him. "She just an experiment I knew once! How's Malikai and the others?" Kamoki replied, looking anxiously for his friends. He hoped that Keoshi and Jurake were alright. Just then Malikai and Haruki, that psychopath that had once kidnapped and nearly killed his sister, were clashing tooth and nail in the room ahead. Having no more opponents at the moment, Kamoki darted to Malikai, gazing to see if his friend needed aid. Malikai was beating Haruki back, Haruki could barely keep rising again, and then Malikai noticed Kamoki. "I'll be okay, Kamoki! Go help someone that needs it!" he shouted out. Slowly, Kamoki did as told and rushed back to Minato. But as Kamoki ran, a gunshot broke though all the rooms. He stopped, who fired that? Was Keoshi okay? Suddenly, a sharp, debilitating pain stabbed his chest. He cried out doubling over, his body begin weakening. He'd felt that earlier, but chalked it up to the constant fighting. But this agony... He hadn't been badly wounded, why did he feel he had? "Kamoki? What's wrong?" Minato asked, coming close to him. All of the sudden, warm liquid rushed up Kamoki's throat, he choked and coughed, cupping his hand to his mouth. Bright, crimson blood coated his palm. He stared in horror at it. "What the he**?" he gasped then coughed up more blood. "Kamoki! You're bleeding!" Minato cried, rushing to his side. "W--Why?" Kamoki stammered. "I--I didn't get hurt..." He felt his knees buckle; his legs wouldn't hold him up any more. He crashed to the ground, nearly blacking out as he did. "Kamoki!!" Minato screamed, leaning anxiously over him. "Malikai! Someone! Help!" he shouted. Kamoki shivered feebly on the ground, blooding streaming down his chin. What...was happening?