"Riko, you're such a servant..." Ichiro Jikoku sniffed at his friend Riko Jikoku, who was kneeling in flowerbeds that belonged to The Timeless Ones organization. "Well, this needed to be done anyway." Riko retorted defensively. "Baku just doesn't want to hire a maid; you know how he is around women." Baku was the organization’s leader, a growling, stiff old grouse who disapproved of everything in the world. He was also very strangely mysterious, not telling much about the organizations motives or his own past. "Dah, oh no! One's wilting!" Riko cried out, gently scooping up a drooping Pansy. Ichiro smirked a little, rolling his eyes. "Oh yeah, living as a richman hasn't harmed you a bit. You're very manly." he commented sarcastically. Riko jerked up his head, frowning. "And what does that mean?" he demanded sourly. Just then, Ichiro's crystal blue eyes glimpsed figures in the distance in the courtyard. "Hey, I think Sakito's family is visiting again." he remarked, starting to step forward. Riko groaned as he rose up. "Oh great!" The reason for that was Kaya Ookami, Sakito's 5 year-old sister, had a crush on him and clung to him half the time she visited. It annoyed Riko and Sakito to he**. "Come on, we should greet them." Ichiro stated, walking down the courtyard, Riko following. Then they reached the forms, they recognized Shoda Ookami, Sakito's older brother and another brown-haired girl who held a baby. "Hey, where's the rest of flock?" Ichiro questioned. Shoda had just lain down on the stone floor, panting. "Home, they couldn't come." he replied. That was something Ichiro'd never thought he'd see, Sakito's family hated to travel anywhere without a pack of their kin behind them. His own clan hadn't been 100th that attached to each other, and they had been all related in every branch. That must be nice to have family always near, they probably never felt alone. Up until then he hadn't taken much notice of the girl with Shoda, thinking she was his fiancée... (to be continued)