(continued story) Ichiro hadn't taken much notice of the teenage girl with Shoda, first mistakening her as older and Shoda's fiancé, but after looking her over he realized she was younger then she appeared and his manners returned. "Oh, I'm sorry; I didn't notice I hadn't met you before. That was rude, sorry." Ichiro apologized, offering a hand to her. "I'm Ichiro Jikoku, this is Riko." he pointed to Riko. "We're Shoda's brother's friends. What's your name?" Shoda widened his clover colored eyes; seeming surprised by Ichiro's talking. Ichiro didn't normally talk this much, he kept to himself, but for some reason he felt the desire to speak more. This teenage girl smiled and shook his hand. "I'm Oto Kurio, Shoda's girlfriend." She sounded like a teenager, that was something. Then his eyes rested on the baby boy she held, and didn't leave him. Meanwhile, Riko was asking if the baby was Shoda's. Ichiro knew that was impossible, Sakito had made one thing clear about his clan, that they forbid sleeping around. His own clan, the Aisuriyousha, had been very similar in their rules long ago. Shoda strongly denied it, was deeply offended and proclaimed Oto found the baby in a destroyed home. Riko wasn't that observant; if he'd gazed at it he would've seen Juko, as Shoda called him, didn't look a thing like either of the teens. "Hey, can you guys watch the baby for awhile? Oto needs a break." Shoda requested. Ichiro couldn't help smirking as he heard that. They sounded married. Riko replied unsure. “I guess, but I've never been around babies before." Ichiro looked up. "I'll do it." he announced firmly. They all stared at him, shocked. "I was around babies’ alot when I was young; my Mom taught me all about them." He extended his arms for the infant. Oto nervously released Juko into Ichiro's arms, all the awhile explaining what Jiko needed. "If he cries and won't stop, just come and get me. And he hasn't been fed in awhile so he'll want to eat soon. I have formula in the diaper bag; you just need to make it up..."