Little Hitoshi scampered around and dove behind trees as his father counted. He had to find the perfect hiding spot so Daddy couldn't find him. He stopped and kneeled beside a huge tree, watching his father. Daddy was still counting, and didn't seem to hear him. Hitoshi looked to the tree he leaned against. This one would be the best! Quickly, he ducked behind it, giggling that it would take Daddy hours to find him. The tree was so big it'd hide him forever. Finally, Daddy finished counting down, and began looking for him. "Hitoshi... where are you?" he called. Hitoshi opened his mouth to yell back, "You'll never find me, Daddy!" but clapped his small hands over his mouth. Daddy would find out where he was if he talked! So instead Hitoshi whispered it, snickering. Hitoshi's father laughed to himself, knowing full well where Hitoshi was hiding. "Really Sarina," he told his wife, "It’s not fair. Its way too easy for me. His foot is sticking a full foot out from the tree trunk. I think Hitoshi's too young for hide and seek." he chuckled. Sarina, Hitoshi's mother, frowned. "It doesn't matter, just pretend you don't know. Make him think he's the best game player in the world. Its better then breaking my baby's heart with the truth." Hitoshi's father rolled his eyes, but not meanly. "Okay, but its getting really hard to pretend while he's talking to himself..." He turned back to the game. "Wow...Hitoshi, I don't think I'll ever find you. I think you've got me beat." Hitoshi listened, then poked his head around the tree. "Weally? I'm that good at hiding?" he asked eagerly, his face glowing. Sarina shooed him away quickly with her hand, trying to hold in her laughter. "Honey, go back and hide, or else Daddy will find you!" "Opps..." Hitoshi said. He slipped back into his hiding place. "Daddy, forget I did that, okay?" he asked. His parents quietly laughed. "He's so adorable..." his mother commented, looking lovingly at Hitoshi. “I just wish we could have more.." she sighed sadly. *to be continued*