(continued story) Wait, Hitoshi recalled everything now. He and Malikai had died, after all that horrible, agonizing pain coming from their necks. He started. Wait, since he was alive now what if it was going to torment him to death all over again? No, not again!! He feebly raised one arm and inched it behind his neck. It was stiff, and swore. But the stabbing pain wasn't washing over his body, at least not now. But, would it later? He would rather kill himself before that happened! Suddenly, a doctor in his white overcoat leaned over Hitoshi. "Young man, I don't know how or why, but you're lucky to be alive." he told the teenager. "M--Malikai...what about him?" Hitoshi mumbled, stunning them all with speaking. He managed to turn his head, though he soon regretted it when his neck groaned from soreness. There Malikai was on a hospital bed not far from his, and Keoshi was...crying on top of him. Hitoshi's heart sunk for a terrible moment, but then he saw Malikai move. So Malikai was alive too, how? "Hitoshi!!" a young girl's voice wept as the door to the room flew open. Kyoko Kamarge, Keoshi's younger sister, stumbled over to his bed and collapsed over him, clinging to his neck. Kyoko was like the little sister Hitoshi never had and wanted, they got along wonderfully. They had loved each other in the moment they met actually. But still, Hitoshi was shocked that Kyoko was expressing such intense emotion over him. Maybe it was because it had been so long since someone loved him. Now that he at last had what he had strived for his whole life, he couldn't believe it. How strange was that? He smoothed Kyoko's brown hair softly but couldn't find the will to pretend to be happy and comfort her. He only gazed at the ceilings and beyond sadly. Soon after Kyoko came Keoshi's cousin, Shizume Kamarge. Shizume stood staring between both boys, tears streaming down her stunned face. Then she fixed her eyes on Hitoshi and raced over to him. "H--Hitoshi, I--I'm so glad you're back..." she barely croaked through her tears.