continued story) "You rebellious, disgraceful child!" Mrs. Mazume wrung her hands "You've ruined your life, how could you do this to us?" "What did you expect, Mother?" Yukio remarked. "She's never cared for what was right; she threw away her image without a second thought. A good name means nothing to her. She was a disappointment in everything. Good for nothing--Arg!" Yukio was thrown backward by an angry punch from Hitsuru. The young man stumbled to the ground, holding a bloodied nose. Hitsuru loomed over the cowardly man, grasping his shirt and lifted him off the ground. "Shut the he** up, you coward! You bast***!" he screamed in Yukio's terrified face. "Yukio!" Sarina's mother gasped. "Animals, all of you! Tearing down a frightened girl like a pack of dogs! She's your sister! Your daughter!" he whirled around to Sarina's parents. "You treat her like she's nothing, you always have! How dare you think she can love all of you when you treat her like dirt! YOU'RE disgraceful! And she's not a child! She's a woman, a woman who can do what she wants! I would die for her! She's worth more then everyone in this village! I'm going to marry her, and if you insult her in front of me again, I will defend whether or not you're her family!" he turned to the cowering older brother in his fists. "And you... I will kill you the next you call her that! You call your own sister, your baby sister that? You worthless, disgraceful peace of sh**!" he tossed the young Yukio a few feet away from him. "Get out of here, you mongrels! Now! I don't ever want to see your faces again!" Sarina held her hands to her mouth, tears in her eyes. No one had ever...talked to her family like that. Yukio and Sarina's parents fled down the road, never looking back. "I never should've joked about us, sleeping together. Even if I was trying to anger him." Sarina muttered. Hitsuru disgustedly turned away and put his hands on Sarina's shoulders. "Don't listen to them, okay? They're nothing, you're a treasure. You can't listen to the words of snakes."