(continued story) Hitsuru pulled back. "We still have a whole day to spend together, Sarina. I have alot of fun things planned." he said, then he felt a pulling at his arm. It was Sarina. She clung to his left arm, smiling brightly. "Aw...you stood for me, that was so sweet. No one's ever done that before, I always wanted to say that to them." Hitsuru grinned back, and lifted his arm, tilting her chin up towards him. "I meant what I said, Rina, you mean more to me then anyone on earth. I'd do anything to protect you, my future wife." Sarina laughed a little. "You're going to call me that nickname even when we're married, won't you?" Hitsuru smirked mirthfully. "To the day I die." he responded, as he leaned down to kiss her. *ended*