name-- Calinda Fugikage Ookami. nationality-- half Japanese, half Hispanic. age-- 20-28. village-- Rain Village. personality-- calm, level-headed, collected, merciful, kind, caring, sort-of explosive, and persuasive. powers-- transforming into a wolf, enhanced sight, smell, hearing, basically every power that her clan has. clan-- Ookami. family-- a father(alive), a mother(dead), husband(alive), 10 children, the entire Ookami clan, which is hundreds of her grandchildren too many to count. bio-- Calinda was born in another village before the Rain to a inter-racial marriage. Because of this, Calinda and her family were despised and shunned. But just the prejudice was about to prove merciful for Calinda when at 9 years old, her mother was murdered in front of a horrified Calinda. The mob attempted to kill her, but Calinda escaped and took shelter in a special hideout of hers. Her father found her sometime later and together they fled to the Village Hidden in the Rain. Her mother's death had a profound impact on Calinda's nature, causing her to hate violence and death. In this new village, Calinda and her father fortunately found safety and tolerance, and she found friends that accepted her, whatever skin she was. At 19, while on a day out with her friends to gather food, Calinda was across from her friends when she discovered a naked man in a bush (her future husband). Severely disturbed, she hurriedly borrowed some extra clothes from their male guide, and gave them to the bare-skinned man. The 20 year-old, who she only knew by his first name, Ivano, followed her and her companions back to the village. Calinda tried to shake Ivan off, but he just pursued her home and asked her Japanese father for work at their house. Calinda's father, not trusting anyone ever since her mother's murder, refused the plea. Undeterred, Ivano stayed on in the town, dropping by Calinda's house daily to greet them. Ivano's arrogant, coarse, improper behavior quickly makes him an outcast among many people in the Rain Village.