"K--Kaya..." Sakito murmured. Cute, sweet, innocent, annoying little sister... She, Renso and Shoda had visited just a week ago... They would...come again. Sakito felt his mind being dragged away, to a vast nothingness. Was this all really happening? Was he going to die? The smell of his blood overwhelmed his sense of smell. He could still see and Riko's face was just over him, yelling to him. Couldn't...hear anything. He was dying, he could feel it. Funny, Sakito had always sworn...that he wouldn't conform to his parents' age-old belief in dying a war hero. And now, here he was, dying fighting an Akatsuki member to protect his friends. Would his parents finally be proud of him now? All his life, his parents had pushed him to become a strong warrior. Always pressuring him to be the best or be a disgrace to the clan. But now, he would never see them again, any of his family. He wondered how they would feel...when they heard. Would they miss him? Sakito relaxed and just let the darkness consume him. Why fight it? It only prolonged the pain and suffering. The agony vanished, and Sakito felt light and free. He was rising upward into a dazzling light. Every moment, he got deeper and deeper into it. He could see small figures basked in the golden glow. One of them, he recognized. His grandmother. Grandma was smiling brightly at him, her face beckoning him to come. But before he could, Sakito felt what he could only describe as a tug on his spirit, pulling him backward away from all the splendor and peace. He was yanked back into his injured human body, right into all the pain and weakness again. Sakito could sense Riko still on top of him, his weight was crushing. Sakito heard loud voices, of Riko calling to Ichiro. All noises were blending into one roller coaster of sound that was unbearable. Why couldn't he go back? Back to where there was no suffering and sound? Sakito was granted his wish, in a way, for blackness rolled in again, coating his whole consciousness. Thank goodness, now he could rest... *ended*