(continued bio) After taking in everything Shoda says, and stewing over it, Sakito realizes how long he has misunderstood his father. He recalls how he'd worshipped his dad as a little boy, then crushingly realizes he'll never be able to tell his father he understands him. Guilt-ridden, ashamed, and heart-broken Sakito weeps inconsolably at his father's grave, the first tears he's shed in since he was a child. His brothers and sisters try to soothe him, but he only becomes more enraged at himself for his selfishness. Wishing to atone for his mistakes, and now knowing the importance of his family and protecting the ones you love, Sakito fulfills the destiny prophesied for him from his birth, and is crowned the new clan leader. He vows to protect his family and his clan with his life, and make his father's spirit proud. He also promises to avenge his father's murder, and punish the killers.... likes: Aura, flirting with her, doing weird things to freak Aura out(like licking her ear), 100% of his sister Kaya,(she's his favorite) and baying at the moon, (its a clan thing). dislikes: fighting, being the center of attention (which he is, alot), 99.99999% of his father (until he's 25, then he realizes his father DID love him), anyone insulting his clan or family (he has a soft spot for his clan, he just hates to admit it) his family's urge to be heros and die, 80% of Shoda (his older brother), and 60% of Renso (his younger brother). fears: Akatsuki (they almost killed him), 90% of Ichiro(Ichiro's kinda scary) losing Kaya, Riko, or anyone he has come to love. love: Aura Yashia (property of Couldthisbelovethatifeel! And she later becomes his wife) ^^ enemies--Baku, and later, the Kuragari clan(meaning darkness), a clan with a long-standing grudge against his and wishes to eradicate them all. song-- Just Like You by Three Days Grace ( profile ended!!!)