(continued bio) Though Sakito does die, Riko is able to bring him back using a jutsu he learned from Yoshihiro, their mentor. Sakito is then brought to the mansion and treated, though it was difficult to fix him. Thanks to Sakito's clan powers, he feels faster then normal humans, though he is still bedridden. At this time, he gets a visit from his entire family, who believed him dead, but learned he was alive when wanting his body for burial. Sakito didn't want his family to come, and begged Riko to hide him(not easy, since Sakito couldn't move) but it was tool ate. Sakito's family came bursting the door; all relieved he was alright, to his shock, and demanding questions about the Akatsuki operative. It was then Sakito realized his family did care about him, but he didn't show how touched he really was. For a long time after this battle, Sakito's life is pretty boring, until one day, at 18, Riko brings home a strange girl named Cheiko Yashia. Cheiko, an escaped experiment of the Akatsuki, was in the middle of killing Rain Village citizens, though it was against her will, when Riko was able to stop her. Sakito and Ichiro were in the middle of an argument when seeing Cheiko for the first time. Both of them were alarmed at the sight of her, because she was an Akatsuki member. Sakito was more frightened, but Ichiro was enraged and got into a fight with Riko(and Cheiko) about it, which was interrupted by Yoshihiro in the nick of time. Though initially distrusting Cheiko at first, Sakito, for Riko's sake, tried to be friendly to her. Also soon after cheiko's arrival came others like Cheiko, Noel and Hiro Yashia. Not long after Cheiko came into their group, his sister Kaya, the youngest of his siblings and dearest to him, visited. Around the same time a group bursts into the mansion, seeking the Akatsuki experiments. They almost collapsed the entire home, but then retreat, taking Hiro, and Sakito's sister Kaya with them. Sakito was rocked with guilt, and tried to go after them himself... (bio to be continued)