Sakito Ookami pounded his fist for the thousandth time into his enemy's face. The guy was half dead already, but his agony couldn't suffice Sakito's grief and rage. The scum beneath him was wolf transformer; you could almost say they were related in some way. Because their ancestor had been bitten and transformed into a wolf by Sakito's ancestor. "Sakito, come on! Get it over with!" His older brother Shoda begged. "He's almost dead! Just end it!" Behind him was Renso, and lying on the ground, barely moving, was the oldest brother, Kentaro. Sakito scoffed. "You're right; he's starting to bore me. And just touching his worthless flesh could poison me." The bast*** had murdered their father, because of an age-old grudge between their clans. Drawing out a knife he cut the man's throat, and watched as he expired. It was finally over...Dad was avenged. Sakito dragged down the Rain Village badge hanging by a thread on his head. He held it in a vice grip. "I did it Dad...see that? You must be proud of me now, I turned into everything you wanted...don't worry, I won't let anything happen to the clan, any of them..." "Sakito, you okay?" Shoda questioned, fearing he wasn't. "I'm fine." Sakito responded huskily, his nostrils suddenly flooded with the smell of blood. He whirled around, surveying the wounded. Kentaro was badly hurt, not even moving a finger. Renso was bruised and had a few cuts, but otherwise unharmed. Sakito shakily rose, ignoring the pain in his shoulder. "Renso, carry Kentaro! We need to get him back to the village ASAP!" He commanded. Then he directed his gaze at Shoda. "Shoda..." he cast a withering stare of disgust at the bodies of dead men. "Burn them. Don't bother making graves. Better yet, throw them in a ditch, let a wolverine eat them!" Sakito was livid with fury, not caring if he sounded insane or not. Shoda appeared wary, shaking his head. But he grimly, slowly gathered up the corpses. Sakito couldn't stand it anymore, sinking down against the trees. (to be continued)