"Brother was always over-protective, even more so now..." Kaya halted. Daddy... Hiro didn't know about his death. She forgot he wasn't there when it happened. Involuntarily, she whimpered. Hiro raised his eyebrows. "Kaya, what's wrong? Why are you upset?" "You don't know what--what happened. You weren't here..." "What do you mean? What happened?" Hiro was curious, and alarmed. Kaya shivered. "My--my father...he was murdered last year, Hiro." Kaya replied, strangled and broken. "We have a rival clan that killed him, and they want to kill us all too!" Hiro's face filled with pity and understanding. "Oh Kaya..." He stepped quietly to her, slipping his arms about her. "I know he wouldn't want you to be so destroyed over him." Kaya bit her bottom lip, attempting to rein in her scattered self. "I--I know that. I'm f--fine, really." she faked a weak smile. Hiro shook his head. "Kaya, I know you better then that. We made through much worse then this. Don't give up; your father would want you to live a great life. So when you face up again someday, you can tell him how wonderful your life was." Kaya nodded gradually. "I know all that. That's been hammered into me. Brother was so worried about me; he wanted to send me to a therapist. But Mom thought it would do more harm then good." "You'll pull through this, Kaya." Hiro insisted firmly, smiling. "I know you will. You're too strong." Kaya smiled weakly. Hiro, he misjudged her. She wasn't as strong as she had believed before. Not after loosing control and almost killing everyone. She could never put any faith in herself ever again, she'd just fail again. Anxious to flee from reminders of her pain and shame, Kaya drew a deep breath and changed the entire subject. "Well, I should go home now, Hiro. It’s getting late." "Hey hold on." Hiro trotted up beside her. "I'll go with you. I haven't visited my aunts Cheiko and Aura in a long time. They must've changed so much, like my mom and dad. And it'll give you and me more time together." Kaya blushed, to his fury.